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Do you want to travel to a distant country that requires a visa? Do you need to replace your lost passport? Turn to us, the experts that can do it all for you in virtually no time! Passport Rush is a local passport and visa services company working entirely with your convenience in mind. We provide a range of services designed to make your life easier, and we are ready to offer you complete assistance! Based in New York, NY, we serve clients in the surrounding areas as well.

Rush Passport

Do you need a helping hand with filing a rush passport application? Below you can find a list of the services that Passport Rush provides.

  • Emergency Passport Services – Whether you have never owned a passport, you have lost your current one, it was stolen or damaged, and you need it re-issued in the shortest time possible, we can provide you with a quick service. Once you have gathered and sent us all the required documents, we will expedite them as soon as possible, forwarding them on to the corresponding government offices, consulates, or embassies. In extreme emergency situations, same-day passport services can be acquired by the US Passport Agencies for an additional fee.

  • Passport RenewalServices – If your current US passport has expired, and you are able to submit your most recent one which was issued in your current name within the past 15 years, or when you were 16 years of age or older, we can assist you with the renewal procedure. In case you have lost your passport, you cannot opt for a renewal, but you will have to apply for the issuing of a new passport.

  • Passport Replacement Services – In the instances when you cannot use your passport, or you have run out of blank visa pages in it, and you need to travel soon, call us to obtain a list of the required documents and forms. If you are a US citizen, you can submit your passport to us for a replacement or to add extra pages, which the US State Department will affix in your current passport. Since some countries do not recognize the use of these amendment pages for visas, depending on your travel destination you might need to opt for a replacement.

  • Issuing visas – Some countries require a visa which is stamped into a traveler’s passport, giving them a legal permission to enter into that country. There are various purposes for needing a visa, such as business traveling, attending a conference or a tradeshow, tourism, temporary or permanent residency, etc. When applying for a specific visa category, you have to adhere to the guidelines and procedures of the destination country. Contact us to check if you need a visa and how long it will take to issue one for you!

Do you have any questions? To learn about our rates and bring your documents to our office in New York, NY, call us at (917) 242-3117 for an appointment!