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When Passport Replacement Is Required

Planning to travel abroad? Is everything okay with your passport? If your documents are due to expire or have been lost, make sure you apply for a passport replacement right away! Passport Rush is an agency that can make sure you are going to receive your new documents on time in a hassle-free and very cost-efficient manner. Stay on this page to learn what people want to know about reliable passport renewal services in New York, NY and learn our answers to their questions.

How much does a passport cost?

The cost of your new documents will depend on the type of passport you requested and how quickly you need to receive it. If you would like to learn our passport replacement fees, please make sure you contact our team now. Our agents will be happy to give you our price list.

I am traveling very soon. How do I get a passport quickly?

If you need your passport renewed quickly, you can expedite your application, but keep in mind that there is always an extra fee for such service. We, at Passport Rush, strive to provide our customers with professional assistance at very fair rates, so if you are interested, reach us now.

How long does it take to get new documents?

Processing times can vary depending on occasional unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters and, of course, the time of year. During busier times, such as the summer months, we encourage people to expedite their applications so they do not miss their flight dates.

I am renewing my passport. Do I get my old one back?

In most of the cases, our passport replacement agency in New York, NY returns old, canceled passports to customers. We send them separately from your new passport, though. It is a good idea to keep your old passport in a safe place as it is considered a proof of your citizenship.

My passport was stolen. What should I do?

If you find our that your passport was stolen or lost, make sure to call us immediately so you can protect yourself from identity theft. You can replace it now or later, it all depends on whether you need to travel abroad and other similar circumstances. Once you report your documents stolen or lost, they become invalid and cannot be used for international travel.

Interested in finding out more about our passport replacement services? Have a question that has not been answered yet? Whatever the situation might be, make sure you call us at (917) 242-3117 to speak with our consultants. They will be happy to explain our terms and help you with your application.