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Want to Change Your Name on Your Passport? Visit Our Passport Office!

Changing the name on your passport can be a challenging process. However, there are ways to make it less stressful, and one of these is to get the help of a passport service provider like Passport Rush. We run a passport office in New York, NY and have helped many clients with applying for a passport name change. Contact us now to use our service!

When Should You Change Your Passport Name?

The name that’s shown on your passport should always reflect your legal name. Otherwise, you’ll inevitably run into issues whenever you travel or use your passport as proof of identification. Here are some of the instances when you’ll need to do a passport name change:

  • You’ve become married and decide to take your spouse’s last name.

  • You’ve become divorced and would like to revert to your maiden name.

  • You’ve transitioned from one gender to another and have been allowed by the court to change your legal name

  • You’ve legally changed your name for reasons other than marriage, divorce, and gender transitioning.

  • You have legally adopted a child and want them to have your family’s last name.

Passport Name Change Requirements

To process your passport name change application, you need to present your valid and signed U.S. passport as well as two passport-sized color photos with a white background. You also need to present a certified copy of your marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court-certified name change decree as well as a proof of departure date (e.g. a copy of your airline ticket). You likewise have to complete the online passport re-application form (if your current passport was issued within one year) or the online passport renewal form (if your current passport was issued more than one year ago).

If you’re ready to change your passport name, Passport Rush is the right company to trust. Dial (917) 242-3117 now to book an appointment with us! You can also inquire about our emergency passport service and other solutions in New York, NY.